Kalama Park & Cove Park in Kihei on Maui, Hawaii
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Kalama Beach Park & Cove Park

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View looking north up Kalama Park in Kihei, Maui Hawaii

Park Address:

1952 South Kihei Road
Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Kalama Park and Cove Park Directions and Address in Kihei, Maui Hawaii

Beach Checklist:

Free Parking Lots

Picnic Tables



Grills for Cooking

Paddle Boarding

Waves for Surfing

Recreational Sports


Walking Trail

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Kalama Park Trail Gallery
Kalama Park Trail Gallery
Kalama Park Water Access Gallery
Kalama Park Water Access Gallery
Kalama Park Parking Areas
Kalama Park Parking Areas
Kalama Park Playground Gallery
Kalama Park Playground Gallery
Kalama Park Recreational Sports Gallery
Kalama Park Recreational Sports Gallery
Kalama Park Grill and Picnic Areas
Kalama Park Grill and Picnic Areas

Why Kalama Park?

In South Kihei, this is a great beach park for all types of activities, both in-and-out of the water. The park always has people but never seems crowded.

There are a lot of shady spots under many different trees, park benches, restrooms, recreational sports, easy access to a great paddle boarding or surfing location and even a playground complete with swings for the kids.

What is the Beach Vibe at Kalama Park?

People are very friendly at this park and you might even be asked to join in a volleyball game.

On the basketball courts there are normally pickup games open to anyone looking for some fun on the court.

The tennis courts are usually open with lights that come on at night by the press of a button.

The skate and bike park is well developed and even has an empty cement pool and a large half-pipe.

What is the Best Time of Day at Kalama Park?

Depends on what you are planning to do. The hours from 6am to 9am are the calmest snorkeling and paddle boarding hours.

In the summer months, a swell usually sets in around the afternoon and can produce large waves to surf or paddleboard.

In the evening this is a slightly popular fishing location with the common fish in the area being a bonefish. The evening is also the time the basketball courts start to fill up with people.

Depending on the season, football, baseball and softball games might be going on during the late evening hours from 6-9pm.