Mai Poina Park in Maui, Hawaii
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Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach Park

(Sounds Like: Mah-e-Poh-e-nah-Oh-la-a-who) | Click to Listen speaker icon
Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach Park Panoramic Photo Looking down the beach

Park Address:

636 South Kihei Road
Kihei, Hawaii 96753

Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach Park Directions and Address in Kihei, Maui Hawaii

Beach Checklist:

Free Parking

Kitesurfing Beach

No Restrooms

No Showers

Small Waves

Paddle Boarding

Free Parking


Soft Sand

Minimal Lava Rocks

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View at Mai Poina 'oe La'u Beach
View at Mai Poina 'oe La'u Beach
View to the North at Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach
View to the North at Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach

Why Mai Poina 'Oe La'u Beach?

This beach is approximately 1/2 of a mile and has nice soft sand with minimal shade on the beach. On the south end there are palm trees.

What is the Beach Vibe?

It is a clean, family beach with no lifeguards on duty and plenty of room. This beach is rarely crowded and has great views of the West Maui Mountains. The beach entering the water has a nice slow gradation which makes it perfect for little ones and adults alike.

Best Time of Day to Visit?

The waves are nice and smooth which makes for a great morning beach. In the summer months, the swell can come up and bring 1-3 foot waves in the afternoon.

Are Fires Allowed at the Beach?

No fires are allowed; use a small grill or hibachi in the park areas and keep them off the beach. Hot coals hidden in the sand can smolder for hours and creating a real danger to barefoot beachgoers the next day. More information from the Department of Land and Natural Resources can be found here: Fire Usage